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Tabela de erros retornados pela API de Split de Pagamento

10000invalid creditcard brand.
10001creditcard number with invalid length.
10002invalid date format.
10003invalid security field.
10004cvv is mandatory.
10006security field with invalid length.
53004items invalid quantity.
53005currency is required.
53006currency invalid value: {0}
53007reference invalid length: {0}
53008notificationURL invalid length: {0}
53009notificationURL invalid value: {0}
53010sender email is required.
53011sender email invalid length: {0}
53012sender email invalid value: {0}
53013sender name is required.
53014sender name invalid length: {0}
53015sender name invalid value: {0}
53017sender cpf invalid value: {0}
53018sender area code is required.
53019sender area code invalid value: {0}
53020sender phone is required.
53021sender phone invalid value: {0}
53022shipping address postal code is required.
53023shipping address postal code invalid value: {0}
53024shipping address street is required.
53025shipping address street invalid length: {0}
53026shipping address number is required.
53027shipping address number invalid length: {0}
53028shipping address complement invalid length: {0}
53029shipping address district is required.
53030shipping address district invalid length: {0}
53031shipping address city is required.
53032shipping address city invalid length: {0}
53033shipping address state is required.
53034shipping address state invalid value: {0}
53035shipping address country is required.
53036shipping address country invalid length: {0}
53037credit card token is required.
53038installment quantity is required.
53039installment quantity invalid value: {0}
53040installment value is required.
53041installment value invalid value: {0}
53042credit card holder name is required.
53043credit card holder name invalid length: {0}
53044credit card holder name invalid value: {0}
53045credit card holder cpf is required.
53046credit card holder cpf invalid value: {0}
53047credit card holder birthdate is required.
53048credit card holder birthdate invalid value: {0}
53049credit card holder area code is required.
53050credit card holder area code invalid value: {0}
53051credit card holder phone is required.
53052credit card holder phone invalid value: {0}
53053billing address postal code is required.
53054billing address postal code invalid value: {0}
53055billing address street is required.
53056billing address street invalid length: {0}
53057billing address number is required.
53058billing address number invalid length: {0}
53059billing address complement invalid length: {0}
53060billing address district is required.
53061billing address district invalid length: {0}
53062billing address city is required.
53063billing address city invalid length: {0}
53064billing address state is required.
53065billing address state invalid value: {0}
53066billing address country is required.
53067billing address country invalid length: {0}
53068receiver email invalid length: {0}
53069receiver email invalid value: {0}
53070item id is required.
53071item id invalid length: {0}
53072item description is required.
53073item description invalid length: {0}
53074item quantity is required.
53075item quantity out of range: {0}
53076item quantity invalid value: {0}
53077item amount is required.
53078item amount invalid pattern: {0}. Must fit the patern: \d+.\d{2}
53079item amount out of range: {0}
53081sender is related to receiver.
53084invalid receiver: {0}, verify receiver's account status and if it is a seller's account.
53085payment method unavailable.
53086cart total amount out of range: {0}
53087invalid credit card data.
53091sender hash invalid.
53092credit card brand is not accepted.
53095shipping type invalid pattern: {0}
53096shipping cost invalid pattern: {0}
53097shipping cost out of range: {0}
53098cart total value is negative: {0}
53099extra amount invalid pattern: {0}. Must fit the patern: -?\d+.\d{2}
53101payment mode invalid value, valid values are default and gateway.
53102payment method invalid value, valid values are creditCard, boleto e eft.
53104shipping cost was provided, shipping address must be complete.
53105sender information was provided, email must be provided too.
53106credit card holder is incomplete.
53109shipping address information was provided, sender email must be provided too.
53110eft bank is required
53111eft bank is not accepted.
53115sender born date invalid value: {0}
53117sender cnpj invalid value: {0}
53122sender email invalid domain: {0}. You must use an email @sandbox.pagseguro.com.br
53140installment quantity out of range: {0}. The value must be greater than zero.
53141sender is blocked.
53142credit card token invalid.